Based in Los Angeles, California, MORELWORKS publishes fine art serigraphs.

In an age of inkjet reproductions cloaked in clever French terminology, we champion the craft of hand-pulled, screen-printed multiples because we believe the best reflection of an original artwork is one born from the same labor-intensive techniques that world-renowned artists have used to create modern art masterpieces. The screen-printing techniques employed by artists such as CHAZ, Almaraz, Romero, Hamersveld, Robert Williams, Shepard Fairey, Raymond Pettibon, Camille Rose Garcia, Ron English, D*Face, SABER, becca, BANKSY, Futura and RETNA are the very same techniques we use to create our prints. As a matter of fact, MORELWORKS fine art prints are made under the exclusive supervision of  master printer Richard Duardo from Modern Multiples—the same master printer who has produced legendary serigraphs for every artist mentioned above.

Quickly establishing itself as a publisher-to-watch, MORELWORKS hit the ground running as art collectors in London, Dublin, Madrid, Vancouver,  Washington D.C., Brooklyn, Manhattan, Syracuse, Atlanta, Oakland, San  Diego and Los Angeles snapped up its first print,  “ART SAVES LIVES” by The Phantom Street Artist. The print sold out within a few months and the demand for the second MORELWORKS print “LOS ANGELES” (co-published with the artist Alex “DEFER” Kizu) was such that, the Pasadena Museum of California Art requested prints prior to its release.

“Urban Art is the new Pop Art” was what one prominent art figure recently declared and you’ll find MORELWORKS on the frontlines of this revolution, publishing the best prints from the best artists.

MORELWORKS – Fine art publishing from the City of Angels.